Participants of the LOTTE LEHMANN ACADEMY will work intensively for three, two or one week with professionals from the foremost European and international opera houses to perfect their technique, style, diction and stage presence. The program focuses on the in-depth study of arias, plus ensembles, scenes and roles.

Daily German lessons individually or in small groups and geared to individual proficiency are mandatory for all non-German-speaking participants. All language instructors are native speakers.


Participants receive a minimum of three 55-minute voice lessons and three coachings with a pianist per week. They take part in all masterclasses, workshops, audition training, and a seminar or panel discussion with opera managers, directors and conductors. Instruction in stagecraft, diction, and bodywork (Yoga, Alexander Technique, and Feldenkrais) is also part of the program.


Weekly performances at historical venues in Perleberg, the Prignitz region and the state of Brandenburg will provide participants with opportunities to present the result of their work in a minimum of four concerts.


Tuition fees and dates for the various units of Module 2 in 2020 are as follows:  

Three weeks 02 August - 23 August 2020 2.400 €
Two weeks 02 August - 17 August 2020 1.700 €
Two weeks 09 August - 23 August 2020 1.700 €
One week 02 August - 10 August 2020 1.000 €
One week 09 August - 17 August 2020 1.000 €

Participants of the three and two week units can apply for scholarships.


Participants will be staying at hotels and bed & breakfasts in the old town. All course facilities are within a five to ten minute walk of the housing facilities and of each other.

Perleberg (Brandenburg)

Halfway between Hamburg and Berlin lies the lovely town of Perleberg. It has a population of more than 12.000 inhabitants and is the county seat of the Prignitz region in the state of Brandenburg.

Perleberg was founded more than 750 years ago and is situated in a beautiful natural landscape surrounded by old rural villages. Its old town is enclosed by still partially intact medieval city walls and consists of beautifully preserved old houses, the Town Hall and the St Jacobi Church.

Application deadline

The deadline for applications  of the 12th Summer Session of the LOTTE LEHMANN ACADEMY is  June 15th.

Applicants will be considered individually in terms of singers' artistic merit and available program slots.