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Lotte Lehmann Academy - the building


With the inauguration of the Lotte Lehmann Academy at Grosse Markt 12 in the heart of Perleberg, Lotte Lehmann has had a worthy address in her hometown since summer 2012. Under the roof of the academy building, the promotion of a new international generation of singers comes together with initiatives that strengthen the cultural profile of the Prignitz as a whole and impart important skills and unique experiences to the young people of the region in particular. The course modules of the Lotte Lehmann Academy planned for the entire year unite the Lotte Lehmann Choir - a network of choirs from all three Prignitz high schools - and young aspiring opera singers in innovative music theater evenings that are mutually beneficial.


Lotte Lehmann Akademie




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Lotte Lehmann Akademie

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