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The face of opera is younger than ever - but all the more often there are stories about the failure of young stars and those who once were. While competitions, directors and agencies frenetically search for the stars of tomorrow, the company burns up the supposedly sensational new discoveries just as quickly.

Universities and theaters alike lack the time, the means and the structures to sustainably promote highly talented singers.
The LOTTE LEHMANN AKADEMIE offers young singers on their way to the opera stage an intensive and integrated course program, top-class lecturers from all branches of the opera industry and an atmosphere that is characterized by a dialogue between creative people, such as Lotte Lehmann did with the great composers, conductors and directors and colleagues of their time.
The structures of the LOTTE LEHMANN AKADEMIE are flexible, modular and specially designed for the individual promotion of outstanding talent.
Young singers should build up a network of experienced mentors who advise and support them in the long term in sustainable career development. The atmosphere in the AKADEMIE is therefore deliberately designed for constructive dialogue between teachers and students.

The AKADEMIE is committed to Lotte Lehmann's philosophy "Voices with personality and personalities with voice". Unmistakable, independent artists who are aware of the great tradition in which they stand and who carry on the fascination of opera and classical singing in a creative, respectful and passionate way with the audience and colleagues.

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